Fundraising for the training of Ga Language Teachers

26th May 2021

Many of us are aware of the unfortunate letters that were sent to parents regarding the phasing out of the Ga language in a school that is on GaDangme land. For those who may not be aware of this development, in February this year Valley View school wrote a letter to parents letting them know they will be “gradually phasing out Ga as a Ghanaian Language starting from the 2021 academic year”, this decision was to affect pupils in basic 1-3. Whilst the school has since reversed the decision, the letter serves as a reminder of the much bigger problem that the Ga people face regarding the future of the Ga language in the Greater Accra region.


The Afroliteracies Foundation and The GaDangme, two organizations dedicated to the revitalization of the Ga language wish to do something about this future by providing a scholarship to those who want to study Ga at degree level. The subjects to be studied are either BA in Ga Education or BA in Ga and Linguistics education – majoring in Ga. Our aim is to sponsor 6 promising students in total (3 for 2022 admission and 3 for 2023 admission). However we need your help to make this happen.

How much would we like to raise?
Based on our calculations, we wish to raise GHS90,900 (CAD$ 19091.84). In addition to the Go fund me charges the total to be raised is  CAD$ 20,000.

Our Scholarship Costs Broken Down
All things being equal, it will cost each student GHS14,650  to study Ga for 4 years

This includes:
– GHS5198 for tuition fees (4 years including attachment)
– GHS2732 for Accomodation (GHS683 each year for a room for 3)
– GHS6400 (GHS200 Ghana cedis a month stipend for the 8months of each year that they are in school).
– GHS220 Licensure exams
– GHS100 Application fee
= Sponsoring 6 students will cost GHS87,900

Hardship fund
GHS3000 will be added to the hardship fund. This fund will be for students currently enrolled struggling to pay their fees. GHS1500 will be allocated to the 2022 and 2023 admission year.

Please help us make this happen. There is so much to this, but let’s do our little bit. In the next few weeks we will be updating you on our plan to ensure a fair and transparent application process, the benefits of our scholarship and how we will equip the students for working life, and a little more about ourselves. So please do join us in making a change.

If you are based in Ghana and would like to donate to the Scholarship, you can do so via Momo using this number 0596102855 (name on Account is Akua Campbell).

By Naa Adjeley Tsofanye