Ga Religious Terminology

Won: This has been defined by field in her research as “Anything that can work but not be seen” and this includes a number of beings such as those associated with medicines and magic. Its a spiritual force that is not usually personfied and usually has a fixed abode. It usually has specialised, limited and defined activities which makes it very different from a Dzemawon

This is a powerful and an intelligent won. The Dzemawon are considered omnipotent and omnicienct. According to Zimmerman the name came because the won “ walks about the world and the downs”. Dzema = world, Man=Town. These spirits can be associated with cetain places and landmarks e.g Lagoons, hills, others with activities such as fishing, birth or war. Every family house has its own DzemaWon

These are priests who serve a senior god. A wulomo is always selected from specific houses where that role is vested. The wulomo is considered the sacred head of the town , previously they were considered the leaders of Ga. Now their role as sacred head involves officating public worship and interpreting the will of the Gods.

These are the mouthpieces to all Dzemawon and of the dead. Most Woryei (plural) are women. When a Dzemawon wants to communicate with his priest he would do so through the woryoo and the message would be interpreted by the Wulomo in question.

Many woryoo are chosen by the gods/spirit themselves when they enter them. A god can chose to enter whoever he/she wishes.



Religion and Medicine of the Ga people, Margaret Field.


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By Naa Adjeley Tsofanye