This festival was created in 1992 by the people of Yilo Krobo to commemorate the Centenuary of their eviction from the Krobo Mountain. This purpose gave the event its name – Kloyosikplemi meaning ‘The Descent from Krobo Mountain’.


The Mountain itself was very important for the Krobo people, it was their home for hundreds of years and their ritual centre. The Mountain is still used today for pilgrimages during special festivals – Although very little remains of the original Krobo settlements as the British forces had destroyed almost everything.


Kloyosikplemi Events

Home-Coming: Many Krobo people now live outside of their hometown and so the festival first starts with the Home coming. All Krobo people must return to their fathers home.

Clear up: Once everyone has returned there is community clearing of the town

Pilgrimage to Klowem: This is the day in which the people of Yilo Krobo take the pilgrimage up the Krobo Mountain. Before the people go up the priests must first pour libation and spiritually clear the way.

Once the trip up the mountain is made the people would usually come back down to a mini durbar where people would dance and be entertained.

Grand Durbar: The Following Saturday would be the Grand Durbar, where the community comes together in the presence of the Chiefs and Priestesses. There would be plenty of entertainment including the re-inactment of the eviction in 1892.

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Video of Akumaa Mama Zimbi at the 2014 Kloyosikplemi Festival


By Naa Adjeley Tsofanye