Kpanlogo is a relatively new type of music and dance form created by Ga youths in the 1960s. Kpanlogo originated as a dance before a drum beat was created accompany the dance form. Like the Azonto, this is an example of how Ga youths use traditional art forms to create more modern art forms. In the case of Kpanlogo this Dance from came from Oge and Gome combined with Highlife and even rock ‘n’ roll influences. Kpanlogo at the time was resisted by the elders but now forms a popular dance form worldwide.

The name ‘Kpanlogo’ originated from a story Otoo Lincolns grandfather told him when he was a child. His friends Okulay Foes and Ayitey sugar then developed a drumbeat to accompany it. The Kpanlogo beat usually uses three drums and the lead drummer solos against the rhythm created. Kpanlogo also uses the Gome, Rattles, and Gourd shakers but the kpanlogo drum is always the central piece. As with much of our music there is a Call and response pattern with the main drummer.


By Naa Adjeley Tsofanye