Kpele 2The Ga people practice a number of traditional spiritual systems. The one indigenous to the Ga people is called Kpele.

In Kpele there is a Supreme Being called Ataa Naa Nyungmor. This term literally translates as Father Mother God. The Gas believe that God has both Male and Female attributes.

Atta Naa Nyongmor created everything including Jemawoji, in creating all things he added a part of his spirit in nature – this is why Ga people have always had respect for the environment, as they see it as a reflection of God. Ataa Naa Nyongmor is not contacted directly but through Jemawoji, who are smaller gods. Intelligent spirits that are the intermediaries between God and his people.  These Jemawoji do not have a fixed abode and can inhabit anywhere in Gods creation such as Lagoons, Rivers and the Sea. Nai for example has a preference for the Sea, and Korle – the lagoon.

The Jemawoji make their will known through a number of mediums including the Wulomo or Woryei. These mediums can be selected from particular family lineages or by the spirits themselves – through possession or causing a sickness to come upon the person which will only stop when the person begins to serve the Spirit. Ataa Nyongmor does not have a shrine as God is not worshipped directly, but certain Jemawoji will. The Jemawoji will for example tell the people what needs to be done to ensure a good harvest or the cause of a particular sickness and how to get rid of it.

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In Kpele the Gas also believe in reincarnation. When the ancestors die, they enter Gbohiajen, from that spirit realm they are able to keep in contact with their family members and communicate e.g. through dreams. Human beings can communicate with them and request their help in particular matters, they are not worshipped but are asked to assist in matters alongside the Jemawoji.


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By Naa Adjeley Tsofanye