List of Nungua Gods

The first high priest and founder of Nungua is Bokete Lawe. It is said that the Nungua people came from Tetetutu and where the first group of people to reach Accra – hence why they celebrate Homowo first.


The chief God of this town is Gbɔbu which means ‘the one whose wings are spread over us all’. Historically he was seen as a leopard God and because of this reason no one is allowed to wear leopard skin sandals and if a dead leopard has been seen the Wolomei must wrap it in white calico, give it rum and bury it. Gbɔbu’s mother is called Obiele. He has two wives, the senior one is called ohimiya and she has two sons Klɔwe and Sango. The junior wife is called Ashiele.

Gbɔbu also has an older son by an unknown wife called Lantengmai

Aside from Gbɔbu there are roughly 99 gods in nungua.

Who include:

  • Owufu – the black snake – also known as blike
  • Sanyo
  • Klɔwe – said to be a blacksmith and a Thunder God
  • Ashiele
  • Aflimata kplatshe
  • Abli
  • Odame – goddess of birth and death
  • Odamete
  • Osabu
  • Amuamu
  • Oshwe
  • Tsawe
  • Tɔtɔll – female lagoon
  • Onyai- the silk cotton tree


By Naa Adjeley Tsofanye