List of Tema Gods


he is the most senior God in Tema. There is also a Sakumo in Accra but the Tema one is seen as the most senior. The WULOMO of this God is also considered the high priest.

Na Yo:

Na Yo is the wife of Sakumo and is just as senior. She is the goddess of birth. The God is not native to Tema and is thought to be from Kpeshi


Also the wife of Sakumo and is also thought to be from Kpeshi.


This is an animal God represented by a horned black spitting snake called blike. This God can take any form they like but if often seen as a snake. He is said to be the son of Sakumo and Na Yo. The meaning behind the son is to do with patronage rather than biological.


Said to be the daughter of Sakumo and tsade


Ahulu is dancing God from the Me spiritual system brought by the Dangme.


Other gods in the town are:

  • Afiye
  • Kɔ​miɛte
  • Tɔ​gbu
  • Ayama
  • Okulate
  • Latekale
  • Ogbame
  • Ade
  • Ashadu
  • Dzebi
  • Amisa


By Naa Adjeley Tsofanye