NPP Refuse to pay fine issued by Krobo Chiefs

27th February 2016

Politics and tradition are not good bed fellows, and when they clash, the result is always defiance, bitterness, and negativity. This is the case in Kroboland at the moment when the Executives of the New Patriotic Party have told Krobo Chiefs in the face that “we are not going to pay or produce any fine today or tomorrow”.

This was after the Manya-Krobo Traditional Council demanded 3 LIVE SHEEPS AND 6 BOTTLES OF SCHNAPPS as a fine from the NPP for asking the Konor of Manya-Klo; Nene Sakite II, to “come out and explain his action or render an unqualified apology to the people of ManyaKrobo” for allegedly declaring his support for the National Democratic Congress.

Brief Background

The ManyaKrobo Traditional Council on Monday 19th January 2015 summoned the NPP Constituency Executives of both Lower and Upper ManyaKrobo to a meeting at the Konor’s Palace at OdumaseKrobo ostensibly to register their displeasure about a joint Press Conference the NPP held on the 7th of January 2015 to register the Party’s protest against a statement made by the Konor of ManyaKrobo that “the people of ManyaKrobo will vote for the ruling NDC all the time”.

According to the chiefs, it was out of order for the NPP in ManyaKrobo to demand that the Konor should “come out and explain his action or render an unqualified apology to the people of ManyaKrobo” for making that statement.

The Traditional Council, represented by Nene AgbauNarh III, Nene Asada Ahor, AkuseMatse, and a few elders, called on the NPP Executives to render an apology which they refused. The chiefs and elders then went into consultation and on their return pronounced their verdict thus: “The NPP has been found guilty and should pay three live sheep and six bottles of foreign schnapps as a fine”.

However the ManyaKrobo NPP Executives stood their grounds and refused to pay the fine claiming that it was their constitutional right to hold a press conference to express their grievances, clear the air and set the records straight. They believed that they did not insult or attack anybody so they owed nobody an apology.

In an attempt by the chiefs to coerce them to accept their “guilt”, there ensued some hot exchanges between the Acting President of the council, Nene AgbauNarh III, Nene Asada Ahor and some of the NPP Executives who stood their grounds and stated clearly that no one could cow them to render any apology for an alleged offence they have not committed.

The NPP Executives advised the chiefs to take on the Press whom they claim had misquoted the Konor rather than venting their anger on the NPP.

The NPP Executives went further to caution that the statement made by the Konor on 23rd Dec. 2014 was the second time the Konor had shown his bias towards the NPP. They claimed that in the year 2000, then candidate J.A. Kufour was refused entry to the Konor’s Palace by the Konor’s advisor, one Batsa (Present at the meeting) whom they identified as an NDC king-pin in the area.

They said the Konor refused to grant audience to Mr. J.A. Kufuor but weeks later he granted audience to then candidate J.E.A Mills in the same palace. This they believe is unfortunate.

By Naa Adjeley Tsofanye