Rituals for Unnatural Deaths

Unnatural death
This is believed to occur when a persons life is cut short – for example as a result of a Car accident, a sickness or a curse.

Burial practice in the case of an Unnatural death
In the case of an unnatural death which occurs far away the body will be bathed and buried at the place where the person died but the towel, sponge, persons hair and nails will be brought home for burial. If there isn’t a body to be found a ritual described in the audio below will be performed. If the burial rituals are not done the person cannot cross the river and therefore cannot enter Gbohiiadzen. The body will then be left wondering the earth often causing havoc.

The Wandering spirit.
There are a few reasons why the soul will wander and one of the reasons has been explained above. In cases where the person passes as a result of an accident the Soul will remain in the place of death. If a long time passes before the body removed and the rights done the soul will become angry and may cause havoc in the area.

Ataa Lantei Explains the ritual performed during unnatural death where there is no body present


By Naa Adjeley Tsofanye