Sɛ (Shai) Government

The warriors of Sɛ when going to War were organised to fight in a particular way. Certain positions moreover were vested in particular Sɛ Clans. Below is an example of various aspects of the organisation and what clan this role was vested in.

Clan of Sɛ (Shai)
1. Lekpedje Dorm
2. Hiowe
3. Hiome

Defence of the Sɛ Kpɛti (Centre)
1. Lekpedje Dorm
2. Lekpedje Abominya
3. Lekpedje Dangbesi

Advance Guard
1. Lekpedje Yokuyono
2. Lekpedje Madaam
3. Lekpedje Saisi
4. Lekpedje Wekpeti
5. Lekpedje Lenordje
6. Lekpedje Magbiem
7. Lekpedje Magbiem

Mla Asonkofo
1. Manya

Right Wing
1. Tadornya

Hiome Ta
1. Hiomer Abude
2. Hiomer Bagadunya

Hiowe Asonkofo (Left Wing) Mɔnɔta
1. Hiowe
2. Hiowe Kutuwer
3. Hiowe Wedokum
4. Hiowe Gblaka

Numerse Apadjafo (Rear Guard)
1. Numerse Apperkor
2. Numerse

Information provided by the Shai Traditional Council

By Naa Adjeley Tsofanye