The Ga Afterlife

The Ga people believe in reincarnation. The Ga man is made up of four parts and it is the Susuma ‘The Soul being’ that is reincarnated. When someone dies their soul will go to a place of departure where they will need to cross a river to get to their final destination called ‘Gbohiajen’. At this place of departure a being will ask for payment and if the right rites have been done – If they have they will be allowed to cross the river.

Gbohiajen is where the departed spirits who have had their rites done and made payment will reside. It is from this place that they can assist the living and from this place where they will depart when being reincarnated.

The spirits who have not had the correct rites done or made payment will not be allowed to cross and will be left roaming the earth, most of these spirits are accused for causing mayhem. And therefore for the Ga person it is important that:

1) The spirit is given a good send off so when they reach Gbohiajen they will favour the family and assist them well

2) That the rites are done properly and the body is buried with the payment (usually some coins) so that they can cross the river.

Some say that the spirit lives a normal life in Gbohiajen where they can have a spouse, when its time for reincarnation they negotiate their life mission and have to ensure separation otherwise the spouse can cause problems in the persons life on earth. It is also said that a person is usually reincarnated back to this family line.

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By Naa Adjeley Tsofanye