Widowhood Rites

The Ga believe that in everything there is a Spiritual and a Physical element. When a spouse dies, although the marriage has ended in the physical realm, it has not ended in the spiritual. As a result the Spouse has to perform the final rite to ensure two things:

  1. Separation from the husband/wife in the spiritual realm
  2. That the Spouse is happy with the living husband/wife and will continue to bless him/her from the afterlife

The widowhood rite is performed slightly differently in each town and this article will talk about the Widowhood rite in General before looking at what is done in Teshie.


Dr Sarah Dsane Explains the Widowhood Rites in Teshie (English Version)


Explanation of Widowhood Rites (Ga Version)


By Naa Adjeley Tsofanye